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Everything I Know About the Torah

I Learned from Dirty Dancing (1987)

Choreographer, director, performer (2018)

Choreographed, directed, and performed by Dylan Seders Hoffman


In collaboration with Genevieve Legowski

Everything I Know About the Torah I Learned from Dirty Dancing (1987) is a hybrid performance duet which explores the connection, holiness, and slippage of time felt when cooking Ashkenazi food. It portrays a particular Jewish-American diasporic-ness and the searching and growth that comes with this through moments of humor paralleled with slow-moving, impressionistic images.

In this piece, Dylan continues her work with the boat built originally for Lovingly Called Boat. However, instead of the boat being filled with water, as it was in the original piece, this time the boat is docked and dirt is piled around it. What does it mean to have this object inherently so full of movement be stationary? Instead, grocery carts act as boats as Genevieve and Dylan move through the space searching, for something. 

Presented at Bryn Mawr College in May 2018.


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